Top 5 Pilgrimage Packages in India

The pious soil of India regularly keeps you in contact with a Supreme Power via different religions. The huge variety of temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and monasteries in India calls the visitor to check out a nation that is religious, diverse and most of all united.

Having an advantage in the nation, pilgrimages are offered for significant religious locations in India. Here we list the top pilgrimage packages in India:

Vaishno Devi Tour

Dedicated to Shakti, the wife of Shiva, this temple is a very well-known Hindu pilgrimage location. The whole mountain is devoted to the goddess, though it is the cave temple which is most revered.  The wonderful mountains, the awesome trek and the peace add to the faith of visitors.

Tirupati Tour

Originally Venkateshwara, this south Indian temple is devoted to another form of Lord Vishnu. This temple is built on a hill range and is one of the most revered pilgrimages in India.

Shirdi Tour

In the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, this well-known pilgrim location was the home of Sai Baba, a saint of 19th century believing God is one. The ambiance of the temple is pure and pleasant. The beggar saint believed in the oneness of God.

Mahabalipuram Tour

In Tamil Nadu; Mahabalipuram is a popular Pilgrimage location of India. Also known as Mamallapuram is frequented for popular temple shores of the Bay of Bengal built in the Dravidian style of architecture.

Amarnath Yatra

Another Jammu temple, Amarnath is a well-known cave temple devoted to Lord Shiva. A very important pilgrimage loction for Hindus, it is considered to be some 5000 years old. The cave homes an ice framework of Shiva linga, which is the center of attention here. The trip is a very difficult one and pilgrims can make a visit only during the month of Shravan which is May to July in India.

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